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The Co-operative Bank of Rajkot Ltd. [ Raj bank] provides the facility of overdraft of different types which are stated as under.

  • Secured Overdraft to finance the short-term requirement of business. This scheme
    provides overdraft facility against mortgage of property at reasonable rate of interest. The
    scheme is for people engaged in trade, commerce & business and professionals &
    self-employed, Prop. Firm, partnership firm, companies, and individuals with high net worth. The product provides an opportunity to customers to borrow against a fixed asset
    (mortgage of property) at a short notice without much paper work.
  • Overdraft against Fixed Deposits without disinvesting your Fixed Deposits with our bank,
    you can avail the facility of overdraft against Fixed Deposits.
  • Limit can be decreased / increased /renewed to the requirement of the customer subject
    to banking rules.
  • Personalized Cheque Book facility
  • E mail Statement facility
  • SMS Alert beyond specified limit