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Storing too much jewellery and valuables in the house at times becomes a security issue and an impediment in case of natural calamities.Co-operative Bank of Rajkot Ltd. [ Raj bank]  offers you, a safe, trustworthy space to store your valuables, jewellery, documents and other things dear to you. 

Key Benefits

  • Safe deposit vaults with fully equipped, air conditioned and latest security system.
  • Available in different sizes as per your requirement.
  • These Lockers and their contents can be nominated to people near and dear to you.

General Instructions (As per below mention)

  • The locker will be operated during the specified timing displayed at the branches.
  • Lockers can be allotted both individually (except minor) as well as jointly.
  • Allotment of lockers is on first-come-first served basis. For this purpose, a wait list is maintained.
  • Customers have to pay advance rent for locker.
  • At the time of hiring the locker, bank will obtain a minimum deposit for different type of lockers from the lessee which would cover 3 years rent and the charges for breaking open the locker in case of such eventualities.
  • Loss of key should be immediately informed to the Branch. The bank shall not be responsible for any loss. Charges for opening the locker, or replacing the lost key, and for changing the lock shall be payable by the Renter/s.
  • The renter is required to operate the locker at least once in year.

Rates of Rentals

Annual rates and locker deposit of rentals of lockers of various sizes are as under : (Inclusive of GST).

For All Rajkot Branches, Jasdan Branch, Morbi Branch, Jetpur Branch, Upleta Branch, Gondal Branch, Junagadh Branch, Jamnagar Branch, Keshod Branch

Specifications of Lockers
Class of Locker Rent Rs. [Annually]
A [SMALL] 531
B [MEDIUM] 1062
C [LARGE] 2124
D [JUMBO] 4248
*For Further Detail, Kindly Contact Branch

For All Ahmedabad Branches, Surendranagar Branch, Vaso Branch, Nadiad Branch, Anand Branch, Dakor Branch, Yawal Branch

Specifications of Lockers
Class of Locker Rent Rs. [Annually]
A [SMALL] 266
B [MEDIUM] 531
C [LARGE] 1062
*For Further Detail, Kindly Contact Branch

For All Baroda Branches

Specifications of Lockers
Class of Locker Rent Rs. [Annually]
A 531
B 797
C 1062
D 1593
E 2124
F 2655
G 3186
H 4780
K 5310
*For Further Detail, Kindly Contact Branch